Carpet Cleaner in San Diego Reveals Spotting Secret!

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Carpet Cleaner in San Diego Reveals Spotting Secret!



20 year Professional Carpet Cleaner in San Diego, Ca explains:

Why do my Spots Return?

Our family has been cleaning carpets in the San Diego area now for approximately 20 years now. Ever since we started cleaning, one of the major concerns our clients had was their spots and traffic areas coming looking dirty really quickly. I can’t count how many times I have heard the homeowner blame the carpet for being the problem.


Have you ever said this? “This carpet get dirty so quick, it’s because it’s cheap carpet!”

Well if you have, you are not alone. It is the common belief of many of carpet owners that cheap carpet gets dirty quicker. In the brief article I will explain the “It’s in not True!”

This is a huge misconception. Yes there are different grades of carpet, I agree. But I from my history of professionally cleaning carpets day in and day out, I have seen many different scenarios to justify my findings. So you need to trust me when I say, “The reason your carpets get dirty quickly is because of the sticky soap and detergents being put in your carpets, not because of the grade of carpet!”

Now let me explain, carpets are created to hold on to soil. This much no one would argue with me about. But they are also manufactured to last as long as possible, usually 10-20 years with proper maintenance. But if improperly maintained, they will soil quickly, wear out quickly, and look unattractive in the main walk areas much quicker. So now I know you are asking,

How do I keep my Spots from Returning Quickly?

*The answers are simple:

1. Stop using Carpet spotters from the market that contain Soaps and Detergents!

All your market brand cleaners (Spot Shot, Resolve, Woolite, 409 Carpet Spotter and even Folex) have a sticky residue to them. The all contain a cleaning agent that will leave your fibers sticky and ready to attract soil immediately. If you doubt this or if the spotter says No Soap, put it to the test. Pour some in a small glass and stir it quickly with a spoon. If you see bubbles, you have soap! Also, spread some in your hands and rub them together, now let it dry for a minute or two. How do your hands feel? Sticky? Yep, there is Soap in there. Well this same residue is being left on your carpets when you spray them in to the fibers, agitate them, and then just blot with a towel. Would you do that to your hair? Imagine taking that same spotter, spray it in your hair and then using a towel to dry it up. Yuck!! That’s what home owners are doing everyday to their carpets. That is why Spots reappear quickly!

2. Find a Professional Carpet Cleaner that is 100% Soap and Detergent Free!

Carpet cleaners are doing on a large scale what I just described about spot cleaning. Possibly you have seen the cleaning process. Most “professional cleaners” precondition the carpet. With Soap! Then they use a wand to inject hot water with another soapy cleaning agent into the carpet to remove the dirt. More Soap added to the carpet. They don’t rinse the carpet at all, this takes more time. So what you have now is a clean looking carpet. Spots are gone, but, the residue left behind the whole carpet is making your fibers a magnet for dirt, within a few weeks, of walking on and vacuuming your carpets.  Walla, your carpet looks the same if not worse than before the cleaner was there.  You are Not Alone!

What you need to do is search for a 100 % Soap Free Professional Carpet Cleaner. If he is truly soap and detergent less in his cleaning, he will be able to educate you just like I did. He should also be completing the cleaning with an Acidic Rinse to bring the carpet closer to a neutral ph state. This also helps carpets stay cleaner longer.

I hope you found this interesting and educational. If you are wondering if we at Peninsula Carpet Care are 100% Soap Free. Absolutely! We practice what we preach. Please learn more misconceptions and solutions to your carpet issues at  There is a great Consumer Awareness message that is super helpful.

Thank you for reading.