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Just wanted to drop a note that I have been using Jayson with Peninsual Carpet Care for the past 7 years for both my home and
office to clean my carpets and furniture. Everytime he or anyone from his business has come they have always done
a great job, been very professional, on-time, clean up after they leave and their rates are very reasonable for the
top quality services they provide.
I was unaware at first that carpets culd even be cleaned soap free but after seeing it with my owe eyes, no returning spots, no residue
and organic products if I had my vote, I would go with Best San Diego Carpet Cleaner hands down!
Thanks for always doing a great job and being so reliable and trustworthy, I have never hesitated when I recommend your services to others.
Dr. Cassidy Boelk,  San Diego, Ca
5.0 star rating

A year ago my family decided to try Peninsula Carpet Care services after a deep research among most of San Diego' s carpet cleaning companies. Their honest explanation of how they do the service along with their guarantee won us on their side. A problem came up when Alex Jr. saw our carpet and one particular stain. I couldn' t remember the nature of this stain and with the low quality of our carpet he told me that he is ready to clean it but with no guarantee. He wouldn' t  give us even a week quarantee as originally promised over the phone. Now, a year later, I am writing to say "Thank you for the good cleaning!" None of the stains have reappeared. At the time of service I felt understood, my concerns appreciated, my questiones thoroughly and deeply answered. The time was dedicated to our family and the cleaning of our carpet - I didn' t feel any rush. The people were very friendly and did some extra cleaning of some rugs without asking just because they felt it was the right thing to do. Thank you one more time for the great service!

Diana A.  San Diego, Ca

5.0 star rating

I just had my carpets cleaned by Peninsula Carpet Care. I was surprised at how beautiful and clean they looked afterwards. They were probably a bit more expensive than I could have gotten with other cleaners but they use a special clean and extraction method that that few if not all other carpet cleaners use.There is no soap residual.  It was worth it. Jason and his assistant were very very conscientious and thorough about every aspect of the cleaning. I highly recommend them.

Patricia D.  San Diego, Ca

5.0 star rating

I am pretty particular about my carpets and found myself calling in a carpet cleaner about once every 3 months as the same stains kept coming back (I have a dog). I figured that was just the way it is. 

I found these guys  through a flyer left on my door and they promised not only clean carpets, but that old stains would not come back. My dream come true! I decided to give them a try. They were very prompt, professional and courteous and even cleaned my shag area rug for free. They gave us a spot removing cleaner that works far better than your average soap based, foam spot cleaners. 

My carpets feel and look so clean, there was no residual carpet cleaning odor and yes, old stains have still not come back. While they are more pricey than I was used to paying for carpet cleaning, because I don't have to hire someone half as often I'm saving money in the long run. I'll definitely be calling them again.

Angie S.   San Diego, Ca

5.0 star rating

I asked for carpet cleaning & it seems like I have a house with NEW Carpet!! Amazing!! Jason did exactly what he said he was going to do, & he did it well! You can trust Jason with your home...You don't even have to be there and still the job is done! Everything was neat, clean, and dry! I love it! Thank you Jason and Alex. And Thank you to Peninsula Carpet Care! You are awesome!!! =)

Joy C.  El Cajon, Ca

5.0 star rating

Just awesome!  I have used the services of several carpet cleaning companies and Peninsula was the best by a large margin.  They responded quickly to my phone call.  They couldn't come to my home in a timely manner so they referred me to another company.  This company did a good job.  Having another pressing need, I called them back and out they came.  Peninsula was the first company to take their time and thoroughly assess the situation.  Very, very thorough.  Then, I was given options taking into account what my long term carpet situation was going to be.  As soon as they started, the room smelled great!  They left cleaning supplies for me to use going forward.  I already have another appointment set before the in-laws get here!

Becky C.  San Diego, Ca

5.0 star rating

This is the only carpet care business in all of San Diego to use! They deserve more stars than are available. Jayson and Alex took on my worst room (where a tan carpet was almost black in places) and made it look new.  And that was the one they did for free! Next they took on a dining room that the new dog had decided was really a bathroom . Most people would have looked at it and said it had to be replaced. When they were finished, they revived that carpet to the point that it will be useable again for years. I'm not exaggerating.   
They have a unique process that lifts the old soap (from previous cleaners) out of the carpet that attracts dirt and then use an alkaline based solution that keeps the carpet clean longer. The guys were at the house about a month ago now so I've had time to see if the high traffic areas would stay clean and, guess what, they have. 
Call this fine, family owned business first and have them clean one room free. I guarantee you'll have them coming back. They get my highest accolades. 

Bob R, Sabre Springs, 

5.0 star rating

We recently had our carpet cleaned by Peninsula, and they did an outstanding job.  We have a small dog in the house, and it was beginning to look and smell like a kennel.  Peninsula got up all of the various residual stains, and our house smells and looks like a "people" house again.  I would recommend them over even Zerorez, as they are less expensive and in my opinion did a much better job.

Robert C.   San Diego, Ca