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Get your tile and grout professionally cleaned| San Diego Tile and Grout Cleaning

In your San Diego home filled with tile and carpet, tile can easily get overlooked. Once swept and Swiffered, it’s easy to assume that it’s clean. However, the grout that holds tile together is like sand: porous. It holds onto anything that gets spilled or dropped on it. Grout found in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as between ground tiles, holds onto anything that gets spilled or dropped on it. Even with regular cleanings, tile will eventually become stained and grout will become soiled with dirt and grime – and this is the most telling sign of a home’s age. So why not help your house hang onto its youth (or at least a youthful appearance)? 

To keep your tile and grout truly clean, we recommend that you have it professionally serviced every one to three years. It’s important to know that ALL cleaning products on the market, even Swiffers, leave a residue on your grout, making it sticky. This, of course, causes it to get dirty faster. Dry sweeping and rinsing with white vinegar and warm water is the best maintenance program. 

In between professional cleanings, the following list of tips will help keep your tile looking nice.

  • Clean small areas by hand when spills happen
  • Vacuum or sweep before mopping your tile floors. Dry debris (such as dirt and lint) absorbs into grout once wet
  • Rinse your floors with clean water after mopping with detergent
  • Avoid using bleach or other hard chemicals on tile
  • Wipe down shower tiles after use to reduce moisture that leads to mold and mildew
  • Rinse other tiled bathroom surfaces after washing to reduce soap scum buildup

While dirt and dust seem to be the most obvious cause of grout getting darker and dirtier with age, there are other environmental factors that affect grout as well: water, soot, spills, mildew (caused from moisture), and soap. Following the above list of tips will help keep it clean, but regular cleanings are just as essential.

To clean your tile and grout, our process involves conditioning with an alkaline cleaning agent, agitating with a rotary power scrubber, then pressure washing the tile and grout with a specialized tool that keeps water from spraying all over your home. You’ll be amazed at the drastic difference you will see. And what will that be? The original, intended color of your grout…not the icky, darkened color it has become. Bring your floors and countertops back to life with our service! 

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