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How Often Should I Clean My Upholstery - Organic Cleaner San Diego Ca


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How Often Should I Clean My Upholstery?

Ideally, upholstery in San Diego should be vacuumed weekly and cushions turned monthly to maintain the visual appearance of the fabric. This helps it to appear newer longer. This philosophy, combined with the use of fabric protection and spot cleaning service plan, is the safest way for San Diego owners to receive the greatest return on their furniture investment.

Even with the best of home precautions and care, periodic overall cleaning is a needed and valuable service. We recommend every 2-3 years under normal use. With children and pets in a household, cleaning may be needed annually or as the furniture starts to appear soiled.

Peninsula Carpet Care has been providing Organic carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning in San Diego for over 22 years now. The guarantee every cleaning will be Thorough, Dry fast, and stay cleaner longer with their specialized Organic Green Steam Cleaning process.