Prolong Carpet Life in San Diego, CA

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Prolong Carpet Life in San Diego, CA

 below are tips that can help you maintain your carpet’s looks and prolong its life.


1.Use indoor and outdoor mats at each entrance in order to lessen the amount of dirt and grime brought into your house.

2.Thoroughly clean the heavy traffic places 2-3 times a week by using a vacuum cleaner while the others will be cleaned weekly.

3.Have your own spot cleaner simply by combining 1/4 teaspoon liquid detergent (with no bleach) plus 1 cup cold water.

4. Have a protector routinely applied after cleaning because over time the protection on stain-resistant carpet wears down.

5. Test out the colorfastness property of a certain spot -removing solution before utilizing it. Try testing it on hidden area.

6. Before placing on your carpet, test area rugs for colorfastness because a few carpets may tend to bleed.

7. Vacuum under area rugs occasionally to eliminate loose dirt that may have filtered through the rugs to your carpet.

8.Immediately after professional cleaning, leave the protective blocks in place to avoid color transfer between home furnishings and flooring.

9.All your household furniture collects everyday dirt and grime similar to your carpet. We recommend you have them both professionally cleaned at the same time for your convenience.

Carpet care is really a difficult task but when you adhere to these good suggestions, you will spare yourself from a lot of dirt as you clean your carpet. To learn more about carpet cleaning and maintenance, get in touch with an experienced carpet cleaner in San Diego, CA. PENINSULA CARPET CARE is certainly at your service. Give us a call now so that we can arrange our visit to your place.