San Diego Allergy Concerns - Carpet Cleaning will Help!

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San Diego Allergy Concerns - Carpet Cleaning will Help!

Maybe You Can’t Cure Your Allergies But
              You CAN Control Them.  Start Here...


  Hello friend and client.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies here in San Diego then you know the feeling of wanting relief when there is little hope in sight.  Many people have gotten allergy relief by taking steps to control their indoor environment. 
According to some statistics 1 in 4 Americans suffer from allergies or asthma.  That could mean tens of millions of Americans suffering this Spring!  Plus, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and since our indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air it stands to reason…

Your Relief Starts inside your Home.

Here is a quote from, “Many people think that carpets and allergies are a bad combination. Even some allergists will encourage their patients to remove carpeting in favor of hardwood or tile floors. However, carpets can actually help to reduce the allergens in your home by trapping them, as long as they are properly cleaned on a regular schedule.”

Did You Know this about your carpets?

Your carpet traps indoor allergens like dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus, pollens, pet dander and other pollutants and allergens.  When that trap gets full, a professional steam cleaning will remove those allergens from your carpet and your home and you will have relief from allergy symptoms related to those substances. 

I’ve heard it time and again from clients – carpet cleaning does relieve some allergy symptoms.  So until there is a “cure” there is prevention.  Prevent your indoor air from becoming polluted – clean your carpets today.

Peninsula Carpet Care is a San Diego based carpet cleaning company, we specialize in a Green and Organic cleaning process that will help remove all those pollutants in your carpets, upholstery and textiles. This will help you work, live and sleep better in your San Diego home.

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