San Diego Carpet Cleaner: Dealing with pet urine

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San Diego Carpet Cleaner: Dealing with pet urine

It isn’t uncommon for us to get a call from our clients in a mild state of panic because their dog or cat has peed on the carpet. It is one of the worst odors to have to deal with, definitely not something you do not want stuck in you carpet. Fortunately there is a relatively simple solution!

1.         Take a dry cloth towel and a soak up as much of the urine as possible. Do not rub the carpet fibers, but blot. You want to pull up the urine from your carpet, keeping as little as possible from getting in to the backing of your carpet or the pad.

2.         Then you will take a damp towel (wet but not soaking) and place it on the urine spot. You will then want to place something heavy on top of it to keep it in place for 24 hours. This will keep the urine from drying in to the carpet fibers.

•           NOTE: You may want to use our spotter bottle we offer to our clients, but it would not but helpful in this case. In fact it would just add to the urine getting in to the carpet backing.

If unfortunately there is an odor that remains you’ll want to give us a call, we may have to do a special odor treatment. Especially if it is cart urine, as it has a higher level of ammonia. However if you do these two steps it shouldn’t have to get to that!