San Diego Green Carpet Cleaner: Tips to avoiding sickness

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San Diego Green Carpet Cleaner: Tips to avoiding sickness

Here are few helpful tips to guarding against sickness:

  • Washing your hands regularly

This is something that we all know and are reminded of often, and is truly sage advice.  Washing your hands regularly, even when you feel as though you have no need to, and for at least a full 30 seconds will play a tremendous role in keeping sickness away. Bacteria is everywhere and is constantly populating. While disinfecting surfaces with strong cleaning agents is a great means of limiting the growth of bacteria, it isn’t something that can be done every time you wish to touch or use something. However washing your hands with a cationic detergent (soap) is an excellent means of limiting the spread of bacteria.

  • Avoid touching your face

The most common areas for bacteria and viruses to enter the body are through the eyes, nose and mouth. Of course this is where regularly washing hands would play a vital role. However, avoiding contact with the face contributes greatly to avoiding unnecessary exposer to pathogens.

  • Zinc and vitamin D

Studies have shown that not only does a deficiency in Zinc lead to a weakened immune system, but they also suggest that taking zinc lozenges can cut down the duration of a cold. Vitamin D also helps strengthen the immune system. Often time’s sunlight exposer isn’t enough. There are vitamin D supplements that are available commonly in grocery stores, however egg yolk, salmon and mushrooms also have a good dose of vitamin D.