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Spring House Cleaning - San Diego Ca Carpet Cleaner




Your Spring House Cleaning List from your Best San Diego Carpet Cleaner 

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An Easy Checklist To Make YourSpring Cleaning A Breeze...


                            Hello!  This is one of my favorite times of year because Mother Nature is cleaning up the dead and brown world of winter and transforming it into the colorful, bright days of spring.  No wonder we all feel like “breathing some life” into our own homes with a little spring cleaning.

         If you get overwhelmed, you could end up with analysis paralysis and either not get your projects done  - or worse – not get out there to enjoy any of the beautiful spring weather.  So here is Spring Cleaning Made Easy – Courtesy of your favorite carpet cleaner…


Kitchen:                                                                                        Living Room:                                      

Clean/organize cabinets/Clean out pantry                             Organize DVDs

Wipe out the inside of the freezer & fridge                             Vacuum or dust blinds or curtains  

Bedrooms:                                                                                   Bathrooms:

Launder or dry clean bedding                                                  Discard expired beauty products/meds, etc.

Vacuum or dust blinds or curtains                                           Organize and wipe out cabinets inside/out

Home Office:                                                                               Closets:

Clean out/shred files                                                                  Switch out cold weather clothes for warm

Review and update insurance policies, etc.                           Reorganize closets & clear out clutter            

Utility Spaces:                                                                             Outdoor Spaces:

Change or clean air filters                                                         Clean & prep outdoor furniture

Clean dryer vent                                                                          Clean gutters & windows

Throughout the House:

Dust moldings & heating vents                                                 Clean all blinds and window coverings

Reseal stone and/or grout                                                         Oil squeaky hinges & clean door hardware

Wash or vacuum walls, ceilings, light switches, blinds and curtains (where needed)