Stains in Carpets - San Diego Carpet cleaner saves carpets

The Most Thorough Green and Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning in San Diego or It's Free! 

Stains in Carpets - San Diego Carpet cleaner saves carpets

I am a San Diego professional carpet cleaner that can restore your carpets to New

“Clean” Is the new “New”

As Green carpet cleaners is San Diego Ca. we have countless compliments on our website, as well as on, about how our services made people’s carpets look new again. New is a pretty bold statement. As we all know, new carpet placed in a home can make the entire home feel new as well. It smells good, it cushions our feet as we walk on it, and it looks flawless. To say that our service makes our customers’ carpets look new is quite a compliment, and we are proud to take it!  

We admit it’s discouraging and often times so overwhelming. You spend a small fortune on your flooring and then the carpets rapidly age over time. Sadly, that is just a fact of life. They will wear out as we walk on them, our pets walk on it, we spill things on it. It gets matted down and tired looking and quite frankly, abused. It’s the last thing we think about on a daily basis, but the first thing we notice when it starts to deteriorate; especially when dark spots constantly appear. One becomes two, and two become three, and the cycle snowballs until an entire room begins to resemble a giant chocolate chip cookie.

Most people spend months of effort chasing these frustrating dots away that reappear only days or weeks after being scrubbed out. The zero soap residue alkaline water carpet cleaning  spotter we leave with our customers simply works wonders for carpet maintenance and regular spot removal, but after a while, it’s inevitably time for a professional carpet cleaning in your San Diego home.

But as your preferred professional carpet cleaner, I want you to know is that, no matter how bad your carpets look, how stained and spotted they appear, and worn out you may think they are, I can restore them to as close to "NEW" as possible, with our specialized restoration cleaning process. Even if your carpet is 20 years old, or spackled with stains, we can make it look almost new again. That means it will provide a little bounce in its step that it did when it was first installed. Fluffy and sparkling, it will become one beautifully solid color again. It will look alive and something you will want to roll around on with your kids and pets, snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn to watch the new Star Wars movies that just became digitally mastered. Yeah I am a bit of a Star Wars nerd.


We’ve heard far too many situations about people almost giving up on their carpet, spending Thousands of $$$$ to replace the carpets when it would have cost a fraction for that to professionally clean them. Thank goodness they contacted me first. I have been able to revive hundreds of carpets and maintain them regularly to keep them going, years after years. So I ask you. Do you want your carpets to have the same, new feel that so many of our customers rave about? If so,  I would love to help you today!

Let me know what your problems are and let's see if we can save your carpets.

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