You have just found a very Unique San Diego carpet cleaning company. We specialize in the best Green and Organic steam cleaning process available.

It has been specially developed to be the most thorough and safest process possible for you, your home and whole family.

It is a zero soap residue system that ensures your carpets will stay cleaner longer and dry quickly.

At the end if you don't feel you got the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever,

it won't cost you a dime - IT WILL BE FREE! 

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What makes a great carpet cleaner in San Diego?

It's amazing how many times I have a conversation with people about carpet cleaning. The biggest question is: what is the difference between most carpet cleaners? Often and has to do with the experience and the desire to give the best carpet cleaning service possible. Most companies use technicians that are paid hourly and don't really care about a good quality service. For over 26 years now we have been trying to provide the best cleaning service in San Diego. I have found that using family and friends who really care about our clients has been the best way to provide the best services. I also find that making sure all my technicians are certified and have gone to school to educate themselves has also been the best way to provide amazing carpet cleaning services. So not just the green and organic steam cleaning services that we provide, but also the zero soap residue steam cleaning has been so helpful to have wonderful repeat friends and clients. Pre Vacuuming and moving furniture is a huge plus when people are looking for a top quality service. That is why we have included those services for many years now. We look forward to having a wonderful 2018 year and building a lot more of our friends and client base. Thank you San Diego for making us the best green steam cleaning service in San Diego