The Most Thorough Green and Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning in San Diego or It's Free! 

What are you looking for in your new carpet cleaning company?

  • I need a honest and green carpet cleaner.
  • I don't want another cleaning company that leaves my carpets overly wet, taking days to dry.
  • I wish I could find a carpet cleaner that will stop the spots and stains from coming back up so quickly.

If you answered YES to any or All of these concerns, then you are in the right place! We can help to eliminate those problems!

Have you ever thought ........ " I would love to have a company I can trust in my home! " or " I sure with the stains would stop returning so quickly! " or " Does anyone clean without soaps and chemicals ? "

Every day we hear about these concerns from many of our San Diego homeowners. They tell us about their horrors and previous bad carpet cleaning experiences. So many times they could have been avoided just by knowing that there is a better cleaning company and system out there. That is why we have created this website. It is to help educate every San Diego homeowner about the safest Green process to clean carpets, upholstery, tile and grout. Our small family run company has been cleaning for over 30 years now. We have been able to accomplish this success by being thorough, conscientious and concerned for our clients. We show extra attention to their homes, their families, their pets and all of their friends they refer. It is also accomplished by providing the safest, healthiest, and cleanest system possible. Always ensuring that we never use harmful soaps, detergents or chemicals! Because we understand how important it is to keep our precious families, pets and homes safe from any of those harsh chemicals, odors as well as any potentially hazardous solvents. Green steam cleaning with Alkaline water is the best carpet cleaning process out there, hands down! Try us out and prove it to yourself, after all it is Risk Free! If you don't feel it is the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen, it will be FREE!


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What Your Neighbors are Saying

"This is why we Love this company!"

  • First and most important! This system is Green & Organic hot water extraction - aka a Steam Cleaning - process, with truck mounted equipment. This leaves absolutely no soapy residue in the carpets - ensuring that you always have a clean and healthy home with carpets that will stay spot free longer!
  • On every cleaning we are using high speed drying fans at no extra charge - this helps get your carpets dry in hours (approx 8-10) not 2-3 days like many have experienced with past cleanings.
  • Green is so Important! Alkaline water is used as the pre conditioner instead of soaps or detergents. This effectively loosens all the ground in soil and then a HOT acidic steam cleaning method is used to flush, rinse and remove the soil from your carpets. This deep cleaning and rinsing method is how we can can guarantee that your spots will stop returning quickly.
  • Pre Vacuuming all of the carpets we are cleaning and minor furniture moving is INCLUDED on every cleaning. No telling the home owner to do it before or charging extra. We found that when we use our high end Meile vacuums on every clean, this ensures the best and most thorough results are accomplished. Bonus: Special attention is also shown to baseboards.
  • The main goal is to help you to keep your carpets cleaner longer. Education and understanding of soaps and detergents is such an important point - TIP: ALL carpet spotters bought in the stores are Soaps and Detergents. They are the reason that your spots and stains come back quickly. But don't fear! We have a "solution" as a gift for all our home owners after your cleaning.
  • Steam Cleaning with zero soap residue ROTARY EXTRACTION - is THE BEST and MOST THOROUGH WAY TO CLEAN CARPETS! - Most companies charge extra to use this Rotary Extraction advancements, but we use it on every cleaning because it is the primary tool that ensures your carpets are thoroughly cleaned, dry quickly and stay clean as long as possible!
  • We often here comments like this one - "There are so many other personal touches that your company gave us! We have never received any of these from the big franchise companies!" We look forward to hearing your comments soon.

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