5 tips on: How can I keep my carpets clean - From a Professional Green Carpet Cleaning Company in Sa

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5 tips on: How can I keep my carpets clean - From a Professional Green Carpet Cleaning Company in San Diego

One of the most obvious ways to keep carpets clean is regular vacuuming and yearly professional cleanings. But in addition to those treatments, we’ve complied a 5-item list to help inform you of the best ways to give the carpet you have the best, longest-lasting life possible. Maintaining your carpet with these easy steps will, in the long-run, save you money by reducing the frequency of having to replace your carpet.


  1. Remove shoes when entering the home. Simple enough, right? We are not recommending you create tripping hazards in the entryways of your home, so the best way to insure consistent practice of removing shoes is to have a large, designated shoebox in these places. The good news is that there are attractive, decorative boxes that don’t need to look as though they contain your families’ stinky, soiled shoes. You can find one that will compliment the existing furniture/décor in your home. Placing shoes there will significantly reduce the amount of soil from the outside world, minimizing spots and stains. Placing floor/walk-off mats in your home’s entryways is another recommendation. Again, these mats can be an attractive addition to your décor and will further decrease the likelihood of outside soils sneaking into your home.
  2. Keep hard surfaces that transition to carpet as clean as possible. This includes tile, wood, linoleum, etc. Hard surfaces do not hang onto soils, so keeping them clean reduces the chance of your feet, socks, or shoes traipsing soils from these surfaces onto your carpets. 
  3. Vacuum regularly!! We’ve said it before…vacuuming isn’t at the top of most people’s list. But it is a low time-consuming chore that really pays off. Homes with pets and children should vacuum high-traffic areas 1-3 times a week to keep the dry soil out of the fibers. Also, it is essential to clean the vacuum beater bar regularly (at least once per month). See vacuum instruction manual for maintenance. 
  4. Use a soap-free spotter to maintain spots between professional cleanings. With our services, we provide a spot-treatment and offer free refills as needed. We want to help you to keep your carpets as clean as possible. Carpets are like filters; they will look soiled when they are full. Since spots happen, using a soap free spotter is very important. This will keep carpets looking fresher and cleaner, longer.
  5. Professionally clean your carpets annually. We can’t stress this enough. Replacing carpet is a much larger expense than regularly cleaning it, and because it’s only once a year, it is an appointment that can easily be squeezed in to your busy life. It’s well worth it!    

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