Green Carpet Cleaning San Diego CA

The Most Thorough Green and Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning in San Diego or It's Free! 

Green Carpet Cleaning San Diego CA


Green Cleaning (Soap Free): This is how we're going to get your carpet cleaner than ever and keep them that way longer than any other cleaning company in San Diego!

In the past, soap (or carpet shampoo) was used to clean carpets, and sadly most carpet cleaners are still using this inferior method. It does seems logical to clean something with soap, doesn't it? In the case of carpets, a soap-based carpet cleaner actually attracts dirt in your carpet after it’s been cleaned, it dulls your carpet and causes your traffic areas to resoil quickly, walking daily on your soiled areas is actually limiting the life of your carpet. Soap-based cleaners are unhealthy for you and your family and harsh on your carpet, so why would you use a soap cleaner? You Shouldn’t and  We don't!

Peninsula Carpet Care uses the most effective truck-mounted cleaning system that uses pre-softened hot water to loosen the soil in your carpets. The soil is then removed with a acid all fiber rinsing agent and a powerful vacuum within the truck that sucks all the soil, debris, bacteria, pollens and waste water back out with any dirt or other unwanted contaminants from your carpet. The vacuum is so powerful your carpets are left almost dry! Then we groom the carpets and place a High Speed  fan in the areas to expedite the drying time.


A carpet that was dull, dirty and full of spots will become a healthier, softer, fluffier and stays acleaner carpet longer. With no sticky, soapy residue left behind on the fibers, that cause rapid resoiling.


Here is Our 100% Money Back Guaranteed!


We at Peninsula Carpet Care believe that our carpet cleaning service is the safest, most powerful and the most advanced carpet cleaning system in the industry today. An all natural,  water soluble degreaser is used to remove your ground in soil. Again I repeat, it is formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves your carpets softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. Our cleaning agent is also colorless, odorless, non-toxic, totally suds less, it leaves no soapy, sticky residue, and no rinsing is ever necessary. But I choose to take the extra step and provide an acidic rinse to give our clients the most thorough carpet cleaning possible. This leaves the carpets at an acidic side of the Ph scale. This helps soil release easier when you vacuum and spot clean.

SOAP-FREE means Cleaner Cleans, Longer Cleans, and Safer Cleans. Your carpets stay cleaner longer because leaves no soapy film for dirt or oils to stick to…no horrible toxins or off-gases. No harmful products at all! Plus, again I repeat, the cleaning agent we use is all natural and contains no detergents, bleaches, enzymes or dyes, giving you a clean that’s safe for family and pets, as well as the environment

Peninsula Carpet Care uses, what some call, a Soap Free Miracle Cleaner which is non-toxic, odor free, environmentally safe, and as the name says: SOAP FREE!! It is safe for children, pets, people with allergies, elderly, chemically sensitive and everything living in your home. So there is no need to worry about airing your home out after our cleaning, or leaving for a day or so for the carpets to dry! 

But if I want to wait to get my carpets cleaned?

You shouldn't! The longer you wait, the more dirt and stains will penetrate your carpet and ruin the carpet. Waiting long periods between carpet cleanings may seem like you are saving money, but you aren't, your carpet will wear out faster and have to be replaced sooner. We don't want to give the impression we are pushing our services on you either, in fact, we like to educate our customers on keeping their carpets in better condition between professional cleanings