How to pick the best carpet cleaner in San Diego? or anywhere!

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How to pick the best carpet cleaner in San Diego? or anywhere!

So it is finally come to the point that you can't stand those dirty soiled carpets any longer. It is so frustrating that you paid A professional cleaner to come in and clean the carpets. Sometimes it's a little bit of money on a special other times it's a lot of money but either way those carpets just never seem to stay clean. Is it time to replace the carpets? Is it time just to get them cleaned again? If I do get them clean how in the world am I going to find a good carpet cleaner?

We understand these are the thoughts that are going through many people's minds with carpets and their maintenance Because carpets are designed to get soiled and dirty, that's what they do they hold on to anything and everything that goes across them until we vacuum our carpets and then get them cleaned. That's why manufacturers have put it into their warranties that carpet should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months by a professional hot water extraction method. But are all hot water extraction methods by a professional the same? Absolutely not!  You have probably experienced this yourself one time you have a company come they do a terrific job, the technician is on time, he's clean, he shows attention to everything that you desire him to do. So then when it's time to get your carpets cleaned you call the company back and you have a whole new technician and the service is not the same. this can not only be frustrating but it also disheartening. well I might as well just go and clean the carpets myself. Then you try renting a rug Doctor or some other do-it-yourself method maybe even borrow your friends carpet cleaning machine. It's a lot of work filling the machine, dumping the dirty water out of the machine, waiting for carpets to dry, and then when you're all done, the carpets look okay for about a week or two. But then the spots and stains return again. Now you are on the hamster wheel of dirty carpets.

well probably brought you to this point of the search of how do you pick the best carpet cleaner. Well I would like to give you a couple things to ask and look for when you're doing your search. Because many people just go straight to how much it costs. Which is a very important part of the decision-making process. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to but at the same time if you spend less and don't get a good service did you really save any money?  

Here are a couple things to look for:

1. Look for testimonials or reviews on the company, this can be found by Yelp, on Google or even on the company's website.

2. Ask if the company has a money back guarantee. If they do not then they are not willing to put their money where their mouth is. Any company that is reputable and quality minded Will ensure that their services are 100% guaranteed. Some do this by offering to do the service again others will give a complete money back guarantee. This is just a good reference point to show what type of work the company is willing to provide. 

3. How detailed are the services they provide. Every professional carpet cleaner knows that the carpets must be pre vacuumed, this is one of the most important parts of the process. Sadly though many cleaners do not pre vacuum the carpet, they expect a homeowners to do this. A good quality carpet cleaner will have a high-end vacuum to remove as much dry soil as possible out of the carpet before they wet the carpet with their pre-conditioners. If they do not remove dry soil and they wet it it then becomes mud and it is much more difficult to remove from the carpet. Therefore again the best quality services will provide a good quality pre-vacuuming of all the corners, edges and baseboards

4. Well what about moving furniture? This is an area that varies per job. sometimes the place is completely vacant and it's easy to clean wall to wall carpet. But many times the homeowners are still residing in the home and they need their traffic areas cleaned. A good quality cleaner and the best carpet cleaners in San Diego will provide minor furniture moving. Such as coffee tables, nightstands, dining room chairs, dining room tables, and maybe even some sofas where the heavy traffic is. This is to remove the ground in soil that has been trafficked in between the cleanings. Many times though moving large items like beds, dressers, entertainment centers is not necessary. Yes there is some dust underneath there and behind those pieces, but a professional hot water extraction is not necessary to get that cleaned. A quality carpet cleaner will move those pieces of furniture if you desire to have them vacuumed behind and under but it usually is at a small extra fee to cover the extra work and labor involved. But again it is not always necessary to do that with every cleaning. A lot of homeowners have their housekeepers provide this service once a year when they're doing a full house spring cleaning. 

5. What about the cleaning products that a good carpet cleaner should use?  - The best carpet cleaners no that if you leave a sticky residue in your carpet your carpets will resoil very quickly. This is one of those frustrating points that many homeowners have troubles with. But it doesn't have to be, a good quality carpet cleaner again will care for the homeowner and their carpets and try to make them as clean as possible and help them stay as clean as possible. This is done by using products that are detergentless and soap free. By removing soaps and detergents from the cleaning process you are leaving the fibers sparkling clean without a sticky residue that will reattract soil. Also many good carpet cleaners here in San Diego will provide a rinsing process that will rinse any old residue out of the carpet and leave the carpets soft and fluffy.

6. Does green carpet cleaning clean as well as other carpet cleaning processes? absolutely, green carpet cleaning primarily means that the products being used will biodegrade, do not have any odors or harmful chemicals to humans or pets. One of the best ones we found is alkaline water. It removes soil from the carpet, it's green, and it has no odor. Completely safe for your family and your pets.

7. If it's possible to find a company that is small and family owned you will most likely get a better service. The owners are operating in the business and on the business therefore they take better care of their clients. Yes it is true large companies are not fly by night and you may feel that a large franchise is more secure. But use the illustration of McDonald's, when you go and get a hamburger there you're not expecting the best you just expect them to do the same that they did last time. But when you go to a boutique diner spot you expect an amazing experience. That is again why looking for a small family owned company who gives 100% of themselves and also a 100% guarantee on their services is usually where you will find the best carpet cleaning services in San Diego and anywhere else.

I hope these seven points have been helpful to you in your search for finding a fantastic and the best carpet cleaning service for yourself. If you are in the San Diego area please contact us for a quote or for our  introduction specials

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