You have just found a very Unique San Diego carpet cleaning company. We specialize in the best Green and Organic steam cleaning process available.

It has been specially developed to be the most thorough and safest process possible for you, your home and whole family.

It is a zero soap residue system that ensures your carpets will stay cleaner longer and dry quickly.

At the end if you don't feel you got the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever,

it won't cost you a dime - IT WILL BE FREE! 

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San Diego Carpet Cleaning Specials!


Introductory Website Offer


$58 per area / room 

a 3 room minimum will apply

we also are offering 

3 areas ($75) Worth Of Carpet Protection For Only $60!

again a 3 room minimum does apply

(we consider an area as exposed carpet up to 150 sq ft of cleanable carpet & a flight of stairs is considered an area) 

(small hallways under 20 feet long are considered as a half area) 


These Introductory offers are for San Diego Homeowners that are 1st time clients