San Diego Ca. 92130 - How To Choose The Right Grout

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San Diego Ca. 92130 - How To Choose The Right Grout


How To Choose The Right Grout

By: The Home Depot

Choosing a Grout

With all the focus on the tile itself, it's easy to forget what holds it all together—the grout. Keep in mind that grout will surround your tile and make up a considerable element of the design. Thankfully, grout comes in a variety of colors. You can use grout to add interest, focus attention on the tile, or contribute to the durability of your tile floor.

Add Interest

Using colored grout is great for adding interest and zing to your tile design. Choosing a dark-colored grout, for instance, with a light-colored tile gives more creativity and pattern to the floor.

Focus on the Tile

More often than not, grout is something that you would rather not focus on. Instead, you want to focus on the tile. Select a light color or a neutral tone, one which will blend in with the paints, the wallpaper, or the furniture. That specific neutral color will vary based on the color and style of your tile. If you choose a grout color that matches the color of your tile, the grout lines become less noticeable.

Give Durability

Choose your grout carefully, not only because of its design appeal, but also because it can add durability to your tile. Not all grout is created with the same strength, dry-time, porosity or texture. Make sure that these components of the grout coordinate well and provide the necessary durability for your tile floor.

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