San Diego Ca 92131 - Remove Fleas from your Carpets - San Diego Carpet Cleaner describes how to remo

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San Diego Ca 92131 - Remove Fleas from your Carpets - San Diego Carpet Cleaner describes how to remove fleas from your carpets



Carpet Cleaning For Fleas

Remove Fleas From Carpet



Professional cleaner reveals carpet cleaning for fleas advice. Once fleas infest a home, an intensive program will be required to control the fleas. This flea control program includes cleaning areas including carpet cleaning flea infested areas and treating infested areas indoors, eliminating fleas on pets, and cleaning up and possibly treating outdoor areas. We find ourselves looking toward carpet cleaning for fleas to rid the infestation. One of the few downsides of living with pets is their tendency to bring fleas into the house.

Regular bathing and the use of pet flea treatments will keep your dog or cat from getting infested, but it won't necessarily keep your carpet from getting infested. As someone who has been in the carpet cleaning business for many years, I would like to share a few tips and tricks that I have for treating fleas in carpet. 


The first recommendation is fairly obvious: if fleas in carpet are a serious problem in your home, you probably need to hire a Professional cleaning company to clean your carpets. The Peninsula Carpet Care company uses special pet- and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that kill fleas and other pests without posing a threat to the health of people or their animals. Carpet manufacturers recommend scheduling a professional cleaning at least once a year, more if you have pets or children.

There are some things you can do to control fleas in carpet between professional cleanings from Peninsula Carpet Care, the most important of which is to vacuum regularly. Because flea eggs can hatch inside a vacuum bag and re-infest the carpet, I recommend putting some mothballs inside your vacuum bag to kill fleas when they hatch.

Summer is the worst time of year for flea infestation so if possible you may want to schedule your annual cleaning for the middle of this season. I caution against using flea sprays and bombs because they can be toxic to pets and children.