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San Diego Ca. 92131 - San Diego Carpet Cleaner Shares - How to Paint Bedroom Walls to Match the Carpet


How to Paint Bedroom Walls to Match the Carpet

By Leslie Rose

color to match your carpet can be intimidating.

A lot of people don't feel comfortable choosing the colors used to decorate their own homes--this is why those who can employ interior designers. Still, most of us can't afford an interior decorator for a simple thing like painting a bedroom. Luckily there are many resources at you disposal to make this process easier, and to help you make an informed decision that you'll be happy with for years to come. Does this Spark an idea?


Make a list of colors that have a relationship to the color of the carpet in your room. One way to find colors that will match your carpet is to study the color wheel and color theory. For example, an analogous color scheme is a pair or group of colors that appear side by side on the color wheel. An example of an analogous color scheme would include red and orange, yellow and orange or green and blue. Another method you can use to find colors that have a relationship to each other is to find colors that are grouped together in nature. For example, colors found at the beach, gray blue, sandy beige and cream, often are pleasing when put together in other settings.


Compare the list of related colors to the colors already found in the bedroom. For example, if the carpet is a forest green color, and you see a predominance of the colors beige and brown in the bedspread, lamps and furniture, then you'll want to pick an earthy color for the walls. Be careful not to pick a color for the walls that will clash or compete with the colors of your bedroom furniture and accessories. Narrow down your list of matching colors to two or three choices.


Select a handful of swatches that represent your few remaining choices. Swatches can be found in the store where you'll be purchasing the paint. Hold the swatches up to the wall, near the floor so that you can compare the color of the swatch to the color of the carpet. Select your favorite of the swatches.Purchase a sample of your selected color, and paint a large square of that color on the wall. Paint the color near to the floor so that you can compare the color to the carpet, to be sure it will match. If the color you have chosen does not look right with the carpet, return to Step 3 and start again.

Lastly once you have your freshly painted walls in your room be sure that your carpets are cleaned so that your room will truly be a relaxing retreat!




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