San Diego Carpet Cleaner Ca. - 92131 shares ZEROREZ® - The Truth about their process

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San Diego Carpet Cleaner Ca. - 92131 shares ZEROREZ® - The Truth about their process


Truth About Zerorez Carpet Cleaning

SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 2012 by David rose

Truth about Zerorez


Zerorez has an amazing marketing program and there system sounds incredible.

I will uncover the truth ( As I understand it) about Zerorez. I am a Carpet Cleaning Company and have accumulated information from Zerorez customers and Carpet Cleaning Supply stores. 


From Zerorez: "The ZEROREZ® system does not use soaps, harsh detergents or shampoos to clean, but insteadan innovative, non-toxic water based cleaning agent that leaves zero residue — zero residue means cleaner longer!"


This Statement and other advertisements has the Carpet Cleaning community in an uproar.

From the information I gathered in attempt to purchase similar equipment is that they do in fact:

·           Pre-conditioning the carpet with a chemical detergent. 

·           Carpet is cleaned with a carpet wand while injecting the empowered water.

·           A chemical pH neutralizer is sprayed on the carpet.

·           The Carpet is raked/groomed

The empowered water they use raises the pH level so high that it becomes a very effective CHEMICAL (yes it is a chemical) Carpet Cleaners in Phoenix can use pH boosters in there water to do the same thing.  This is not recommended. Your Cleaning power should be in the Pre-Conditioning Processes the extraction process should be used with water or water and a rinse to help bring the pH back to neutral. The problem with using so much PH is it is harder to bring down to a neutral level and can leave the carpets crunchy and sticky.  Dirt sticks to the carpets and the carpets get dirtier faster.


So to re-cap there system is pretty cool!  But it doesn't sound like they have any advantage over any of the other Carpet Cleaning Companies then great marketing.


Are they lairs?  The answer is no. If you read there statement above it refers to The ZEROREZ® system and not The carpet cleaning process.  


My conclusion is that they do a good solid carpet cleaning. I do have to wonder if they are able to bring the pH back to neutral with just a light spray of rinse.  I also know that people are mislead. Most people I speak with expect Zerorez to clean with just water. This is unfortunate for all the green non-toxic no chemical customers out there. They just don't get what they paid for.  

Let me clarify I do not think they are a bad company, rather I feel they are miss representing there system.


On a side note I am firm believer that the best carpet cleaning method is hot water rotary extraction with a Rotovac 360i Carpet Cleaner or an RX-20.


Peninsula Carpet Care shares the same view of Rotary Extraction with a RX-20 or a Hoss 700

Peninsula Carpet Care also agrees with a No Soap Residue Preconditioning with an mild Acidic rinse as the most thorough cleaning process