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San Diego Green Carpet Cleaner Shares a Do it Yourself Tub and Shower Cleaner

Do it Yourself Tub and Shower Cleaner


By: Your Carpet Cleaners Wife


San Diego Leading Organic and Green carpet cleaners are Peninsula Carpet Care - 619-275-5555 or

 I found this recipe on pintrest and of course I had my doubts since I have tried all sorts of natural cleaners for my tough soap scum. You may be asking yourself, why I would need to worry about cleaning my shower when I am married to a man who for a living cleans Carpets and Tile & Grout beautifully? I would like to remind you the story of the cobblers son, I am sure that one day he would get around to it but this is his busy season and I was at the point of giving up and buying (gasp) a toxic cleaner. Since I had already tried so many I thought maybe I’ll give this simple trick a chance before I give up and when it doesn’t work I will then know that I had tried it all and no other options were left. Lo and behold the amazement when I did use it (Disclaimer: I had my daughter clean the bathroom this day but I was still amazed) all of the previously stuck on soap scum was finally gone and what was left was a sparkling clean shower which I hadn’t seen for ages ( I may at this point have uttered, Hello Gorgeous, but you must understand that I was amazed) So if you like I have been suffering from this terrible bathroom embarrassment give it a try what do you have to lose?  


Equal parts of white vinegar and liquid blue dawn dishwashing detergent

1 Spray Bottle

Directions:1Heat vinegar (some people use a microwave for this but since we don’t have one we just used the good old fashioned way and put it into a small sauce pan on the stove) until hot and pour into spray bottle.2Add the Dawn soap. Put the cap on and gently shake to incorporate.3You now have a powerful cleaning product that will melt soap scum and tub and shower buildup, clean sinks, appliances and just about anything. Just spray it on, scrub, rinse and be amazed. For tough soap scum build-up, spray the mixture on and allow it to sit as long as overnight. Then, scrub and rinse.

Note: We have only tried it on the tub and shower walls but we will be trying it on some of these other areas soon. San Diego Leading Organic and Green carpet cleaners are Peninsula Carpet Care - 619-275-5555 or