San Diego Green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - How We Clean Your Carpet

The Most Thorough Green and Zero Soap Residue Carpet Cleaning in San Diego or It's Free! 

San Diego Green Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - How We Clean Your Carpet

This is how we're going to get your carpet cleaner than ever and keep them that way longer than any other cleaning company in San Diego!

In the past, soap (or carpet shampoo) was used to clean carpets, which is why the you will still hear people often say they got their "carpets shampooed", and sadly most carpet cleaners are still using this inferior method. It seems logical to clean something with soap, doesn't it? In the case of carpets, you want to avoid soap at all cost! A soap-based carpet cleaner actually attracts dirt in your carpet long after it’s been cleaned, it dulls your carpet and causes your traffic areas to resoil quickly. Ultimately this can limit the life of your carpet. Soap-based cleaners can be unhealthy for you and your family and harsh on your carpet, so why would you use a soap cleaner? You Shouldn’t and  We don't!

Peninsula Carpet Care uses the most effective truck-mounted cleaning system that uses pre-softened hot water to loosen the soil in your carpets. The soil is then removed with a acid all fiber rinsing agent and a powerful vacuum within the truck that sucks all the soil, debris, bacteria, pollens and waste water back out with any dirt or other unwanted contaminants from your carpet. The vacuum is so powerful your carpets are left almost dry! Then we groom the carpets and place a High Speed  fan in the areas to expedite the drying time.


A carpet that was dull, dirty and full of spots will become a healthier, softer, fluffier and stays acleaner carpet longer. With no sticky, soapy residue left behind on the fibers, that cause rapid resoiling.