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San Diego Upholstery Cleaning - Professional Upholstery Cleaning

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Your couch, loveseat, lounge chair, or recliner may not be at the top of your priority list, but if you try to imagine how often you sit on them, or how many oils and soils are being left on them, or what has been spilled on them (no matter how careful you are), it might make its way toward the top of that list. Couches can be as overlooked as other upholstered items – sitting chairs, dining chairs, beds, matresses, etc. – when it comes to cleaning. But before your couch develops an odor, ( or has it already?) consider getting it professionally cleaned.


Just ask yourself: How often do I clean my sheets on my bed? When was the last time you had your upholstery professionally cleaned?


There are things you can do to help keep your couch clean in between professional cleanings, which we recommend yearly. Keeping your couch clean of debris – such as pet hair, crumbs, dirt and dust – is very important. Accumulating too much of this debris will prematurely age the couch and make it harder to clean.


One of the easiest ways to keep a fabric couch clean is to, 1st: remove debris with a hand-held vacuum or a vacuum hose, and wash the cushion covers. Follow tag instructions on removed cushion covers very carefully to prevent damage.


Using an upholstery cleaner or a steam vacuum to clean your couch is also an option – just make sure to follow instructions carefully. Taking these steps to keep your couches clean will help between professional cleanings – but be sure to schedule those cleanings in order to give your couch its longest life possible!


It is an investment in the longevity of the sofa and your family’s health!  


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