You have just found a very Unique San Diego carpet cleaning company. We specialize in the best Green and Organic steam cleaning process available.

It has been specially developed to be the most thorough and safest process possible for you, your home and whole family.

It is a zero soap residue system that ensures your carpets will stay cleaner longer and dry quickly.

At the end if you don't feel you got the Most Thorough Cleaning Ever,

it won't cost you a dime - IT WILL BE FREE! 

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The Best Green and Organic Carpet Cleaning Company in San Diego Ca.



The Best Green and Organic Carpet Cleaning Company in San Diego Ca.

How to clean your carpets & upholstery properly with a Green, Organic, Soap – Free process?


Now you can get all your carpets and upholstery safely cleaned without using toxic or harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or residue-leaving soaps. For a cleaner and healthier home, you want to find a San Diego carpet cleaning company that uses the most effective Green and Organic cleaner on the market that is non-toxic, frangrance-free and clear rinsing.

Our soap-free, Green and 100% Organic cleaning process leaves no sticky residue in your carpets. Sticky, soapy cleaners are very difficult to remove once they are put into your textiles. Soap residue from other cleaning products attracts dirt like a magnet, causing soil or stains to reappear. With our specialized Organic cleaning and rinsing method, we will remove most pre-existing shampoos and soapy residues lurking in your carpet fibers. Our Organic and Green soap-free cleaner contains no soaps, therefore, zero residue and no reappearing spots! Because our  specialized soap-free cleaning process requires no extra rinsing our carpets will dry cleaner and faster and stay cleaner much longer than any other San Diego carpet cleaning company you have used in the past.

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